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Welcome to 4MM Online Store


Introducing the online shopping delivery channel “4MM Online Store” by Intranetworking & Software Consultant Company sarl (“ISC”) incorporated in Lebanon to provide unique online shopping experience of wide range of gift items and accessories.


4MM Online Store:



The Online Store is an online market-place where vendors sell their consumer products over the internet to retail market/ online shoppers through a licensed online shopping cart.


The Online Shopping Cart provides a safe electronic channel and secure medium to place purchase orders, use suitable payment method, and choose a convenient handover/ delivery option.


Registered vendors determine the retail price of their listed products using either a static or dynamic mechanism.


4MM Online Store is characterised by:


Secure Domain: fourmetalsmarket.com is secured and encrypted by Secure Socket Layer (“SSL”) technology with website identity certificate issued and verified by Symantec Corporation, and hosted by a reliable web hosting provider with a PCI DSS compliant hosting environment.


Secure Shopping Environment: The PCI DSS (“Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard”) is a security standard defined for organisations that handle card information online. This Standard has been defined by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council in order to increase control over card data over the internet and reduce card fraud via its exposure.


Anti-Fraud Detection: the Online Shopping Cart is integrated with anti-fraud system provided by MaxMind - an industry-leading provider of IP intelligence and online fraud detection tools - in order to prevent and minimise fraudulent activities.


4MM Online Store provides reliable payment methods:


- Online Card Payment Gateway provided by NetCommerce sal - a subsidiary of Credit Libanais and in partnership with Fransabank and Teleinvest - to accept and execute transactions in US Dollar and Lebanese Pounds.


- Digital Wallet provided by Skrill Ltd. to accept and execute transactions in US Dollar.


- Mobile Payment Gateway provided by PinPay to accept and execute transactions in US Dollar and Lebanese Pounds.


- Highest quality products from finest producers.

- Real-time stock availability.


- Office hours from Monday through Friday 9am till 6pm.

- Online Shopping timing is 24/7 including weekends.

- Customer Service availble during office hours.

- Mobile site compatability.

Suite 2029 | Level II

Louis Vuitton Building

Allenby Street | Beirut Central District

Beirut | Lebanon

P.O.Box 113-5541 | Hamra St. | Beirut | Lebanon

Tel: +961 (0)1 975607

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