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Our Trademark:

Four Metals Market®|The Online Store ("4MM Online Store") is an online marketplace were different vendors sell consumer products to retail market/ individual online shoppers.

Four Metals Market® is owned by Intranetworking and Software Consultant Company (ISC) sarl - a limited liability company incorporated in the Republic of Lebanon and registered under the number 61123 date September 8, 1997.

4MM Online Store was founded in late 2012 as an online store that has the lawful rights to use the domain name fourmetalsmarket.com to facilitate commercial activities over the internet on behalf of several vendors as sellers of consumer products using an Online Shopping Cart and dynamic/ static pricing mechanisms.

The domain is equipped with a licensed Online Shopping Cart to sell consumer products on demand to retail registered online shoppers on the basis of Purchase Order workflow, payment in advance, physical pickup/ delivery of purchased items on confirmation of payment and availability of 4MM Online Store 24/7 for accepting online purchase orders.

4MM Online Store is secured and encrypted by SSL - Secure Socket Layer - technology with security certificate issued by Symantec as displayed on the website, and hosted by a reliable hosting provider eUKHost within a PCI DSS complaint hosting environment.

The PCI DSS - Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard - is a security standard defined for organisations that handle debit/ credit card information online. This standard has been defined by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council in order to increase control over credit card data over the internet and reduce credit card fraud via its exposure.

Moreover 4MM Online Store is integrated with anti-fraud system provided by MaxMind - an industry-leading provider of IP intelligence and online fraud detection tools - in order to prevent and minimise fraudulent activities.

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Our Vision:

We intend is to build a community of online shoppers who would be interested to digitise their shopping activities.


Our Mission:

We look aggressively to improve and modernise the behaviour of online shoppers and smoothen the e-commerce activities.


Our Objective:

We work hard to maintain a robust and reliable online presence by providing innovative online marketplace to online shoppers and growing geographical cover.


Our Goal:

We are dedicated is to offer transparent, accurate and competitive online shopping experience, and widen the scope of offered products.