Order Process:

When you place online a Purchase Order to buy consumer product(s) from the associated vendor using Four Metals Market®|The Online Store you enter into a Binding Purchase Contract with the Seller.

When you shop online, the price at which you decide to enter into a Binding Purchase Contract is considered your locked-in price. You will receive an electronic Purchase Order with status into your registered email address confirming your action.

You must ensure - as per Payments section of Terms of Use - to settle the due amount of your Purchase Order within one business day.

The effective day of your payment must be within the allowable time for settling the due amount or your Purchase Order will be considered as a Cancelled Unsettled Purchase Order leading to applying a default penalty charge of 5% of your due amount and suspension of membership.

Once payment is verified by our Billing Unit, you will receive an updated electronic Purchase Order with processed status.

Date of Pickup/Delivery of your package is normally within three business days from date of payment confirmation.

Email notification will be sent by our customer service unit to your registered email address informing you about your package readiness.

You may take a note to have in hand a copy of your identification document that you used when registering online.

Once handover of purchased consumer products is finalised, you will receive into your registered email address a final electronic purchase order with status complete concluding your purchase order.


Payment Details:

Acceptable payment methods with related payment details will be displayed on the last page of your check-out process.

Team of 4MM Online Store reserve the right to reject payments that do not match due amount or are beyond the allowable time for making the required payment, and consider such purchase order as cancelled leading to applying 5% default penalty charge and suspension of membership.