Guaranteed Buy Back Policy

Guaranteed Buy Back Stamp 

What is Guaranteed Buy Back?

Guaranteed Buy Back is an Exclusive Service for specific products that a customer can purchase with the option to sell back to the seller at any time for a full product price. This Exclusive Service is intended to give e-shopper the benefit from price fluctuation as well as the ease to cash out.

Is the Guaranteed Buy Back available on all products?

The Guaranteed Buy Back is available only on pre-specified products purchased by our e-shoppers and stored securely in the vault of the seller.

How does the product selling price get calculated?

Once the request for Selling Back is received, back-office operations will initiate the Buy Back process and London Fixing Price of Previous Closing Day will be determined. The determined price will replace spot price to calculate the product full selling price.

What are the qualifications for Guaranteed Buy Back?

Guaranteed Buy Back is assigned to pre-specified products as displayed on the Product Description page. Those purchased products must continue to be stored securely in the vault of the seller.

When is the Guaranteed Buy Back effective?

Guaranteed Buy Back is automatically enforced once the due amount is settled within the allowed payment time for the corresponding Purchase Order.

What is the procedure to execute the option of Guaranteed Buy Back?

E-shopper to:

- Login into his/ her profile on Four Metals Market Online Store.

- Click on 'My Account' and navigate to 'Orders'.

- Open the desired Purchase Order that is eligible for Guaranteed Buy Back.

- Click 'Start Communication' on right-hand side of the page.

- Click 'New Post" and fill in the details of:

   - Full Name

   - Desired Product to Sell Back

   - Quantity

- Click Submit

Back-office operations will receive the instruction and act on it within 3 working days.

What is the Method of Payment?

Funds will be paid either in cash or by wire transfer minus applicable transaction charges.

How much is the charges for exercising the option of Guaranteed Buy BacK?

Transaction Charge is 1.50% of total amount.