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Trading in Financial Markets


In order grasp the concept of trading and understand how financial markets operate, it is vital to begin with a brief Overview of the Basics.


Trade is the action or the process of buying and selling services and goods. It is the act of exchanging something with someone for cash and is typically done in a commercial sense. The commodities or services traded can be either in retail or wholesale. In a sense of financial trading, trade has been associated with purchasing and selling of currency, bonds, stocks or precious metals. Time has proven that smart, wise and calculated trading in precious metals, continues to be one of the most stable yet profitable elements in financial trading. While the focus will be on precious metals, we will often draw comparisons with stocks and bonds to give a clearer picture of what it entails and how the financial market works.


In a broad sense, a financial market is a marketplace where different people or parties meet to trade commodities, securities or other valuable items at favourable prices. Bonds and stocks are among the items referred to as securities while precious metals are among the commodities.


Trading in the financial market requires the mastery of sound disciplines involving mathematics, finance, marketing along with the ability to understand the effects and the impacts they have on the world economy and lives of people. Successful traders have been known to share certain personal attributes, such as; being risk takers, go-getters, smart and vigilant but also demonstrating some level or restraint where necessary.


There are several types of financial markets that you can choose to trade in. Capital market includes Stock market, which is involved in offering and listing common stock for trading whereas the bond market deals with bonds.


Other kinds of financial markets include:

  •  Money market – offers investment and short-term debt instruments
  •  Derivative market – provides financial instruments for financial risk management
  •  Future market – deals with forward contracts standardised for trading other assets for delivery in the future
  •  Insurance market – handles redistribution and assignment of financial risks
  •  Foreign Exchange market – supports liquidity of currencies for exchange across the globe



Role of CFD (Contract for Difference) Contracts in Such Trading


The Contract For Difference, commonly abbreviated as CFD, is a financial term that refers to an agreement executed between two parties. In this kind of contract, one of the contracted parties is obliged to pay the other party an amount in cash that reflects the difference between the present value of an asset at the time of cashing the contract and the asset’s value at the time of signing the contract.


Traders often take advantage of fluctuating prices of commodities for such contracts to make informed foresight and speculations.

A Contract for Difference can, therefore, be described as a careful arrangement that is made on future contracts where all differences in a settlement are made in cash, instead of delivering securities and goods physically.


It is a very easy method of settling payments since all losses or gains are paid in cash. A CFD gives an investor the opportunity of having all the risks and benefits of owning or claiming a security without having actually to own it. Therefore, the roles of a Contract For Difference in trading are as follows:

  •  In trading of precious metals like Gold, CFDs offer a higher control and leverage than traditional trade. The standard leverage in the CFD market goes from as high as 20% to as low as 2%. A requirement for a lower margin means a lesser outlay of capital, therefore higher return for a trader.
  •  Most of CFD's Market Makers offer different types of products across almost all of the world’s major markets. The precious metals can easily be found in all the major markets around the world. Therefore, provide easy access for traders to any market across different time zones over the globe. Traders who are of the various vehicles of economic benefit because of the indexes, stocks, currency, treasury and commodities.
  •  CFDs make sure that there are zero shorting or borrowing costs. There are no rules for short selling in the CFD market, but any instrument may be shorted at any time. This means that there is no ownership of the underlying asset.


Trading as Speculator in Comparison with Investing and Saving


Speculative Trading is the act of purchasing assets or securities with the hope that they will increase in value soon. The trader, in our case, will typically get engaged in risky transactions – making bids and shortening securities. The idea here is to profit from price fluctuations in the commodities market rather than of benefiting from its original financial attributes. A speculator is, therefore, a person who trades commodities and derivatives, equities, bonds and currencies with a risk that is considered ‘higher than average’ in return for a profit that is above the average.


Investing is the act of employing capital into a venture or an outline with the intention of growing in value. It also includes the time contributed to the activities of such an approach. It is a long-term process whereby people fund a business idea with the aim of having future returns in the form of income stream or appreciation in value.


The purpose of saving is to prevent wasting resources. Saving, in a conventional sense, involves committing to periodic contributions over a specified period in a particular asset class. Some investments can be considered as saving plans, but not all saving plans are investments. Several differences can be drawn between trading as a speculator and investing and saving. We have outlined some of these differences below.


Differences between Investing and Saving, and Trading as a Speculator:

  •  Market Movement and Attitude: While the fundamental interest of an investor is purchasing or acquiring securities at affordable prices; saving is more concerned with accumulating the profits for future use. A speculating trader, on the other hand, anticipates fluctuations and follow calculated judgements on a favourable event taking place.
  •  Risk amount: Some would compare speculation trading to gambling in the sense that it is high risk. However, some experts have argued that it is not entirely gambling because market fluctuations are affected by different events which can then be factored in to make a calculated guess. Speculation trading conforms to the mantra; “high risk, high rewards”. Risks in conventional investments tend to be low-key. In some ways, an investor is guaranteed a return in one way or another.
  •  Methodical approach: Investors tend to focus more on long-term performance and aim to maintain moderate return. Speculating traders focus on short-term plans and seek to make supernormal returns.
  •  Research: Investing involves much research on the strengths of the business, its position in the market and assessing its track record. Speculation, on the other hand, does not involve much research. However, it is important to note that smart traders incorporate many variables before making a decision on speculating trades.


Features of Meta Trader 4 Platform


In simple terms, Meta Trader 4 is a free Forex Trading platform, which offers mobile and algorithmic trading. It is a flexible trading system that is way above board when it comes to technical analyses of market movements. It is a platform purposely designed to trade currencies pairs. Traders have access to advisors who are experts in the field and analysis of financial markets. The three integral sections of Meta Trader 4 are Mobile trading, market and trading signals. All these work well together to enhance a pleasing experience in Forex trading.


Meta Trader 4 platform has remarkable features, some of which have been included in recent updates, like:

  •  Ability to connect to a Mobile device: Brokers across the globe have come up with applications capable of supporting the Meta Trader 4 platform on a mobile device. The functionality of the mobile device platform is very similar to that run on desktops. With this application, traders are now able to gain access to charts, make use of analysis (technical) tools and also manage and place trades.
  •  Expert Advisor: Meta Trader 4 has an inbuilt program, known as the Expert Advisor (EA). This program is useful for the implementation of strategies used to trade and automate trading activities. It uses a programming language known as ‘Metaquotes Language 4’. One of its greatest upsides is that it allows the trader to compose personalised strategies by using Meta Trader 4’s ‘Meta Editor’ feature.
  •  Signals: This service in the Meta Trader 4 platform allows traders to view the activities of other traders. It helps them learn more by adding another dimension or strategy to their trading techniques.
  •  Market: This feature provides the trader with several expert advisors. It also has technical indicators which can be bought. Those indicators help to predict immediate future market trends thereby helping traders make a decision.
  •  Help feature: This function launches the Meta Trader 4 user guide which is very helpful in many ways. Perhaps one of its most recognisable aspects is its access to hundreds of documents in Expert Advisor, scripts and custom indicators. It is an ‘in-house’ library or resource centre.


Briefing on Noor Capital


As a leading Joint Stock Company, Noor Capital has invested a substantial amount in commodities such as; Gold, Silver and Platinum on behalf of traders and investors across the globe. Noor Capital has seen its reputation only get better where exceptional and proven track record is backed by the multiple awards it has received from recognisable institutions and organisations over the years.


With no surprise, Noor Capital is one of the only two financial investment companies licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates. For more than ten years, Noor Capital PSC has been providing a wide array of outstanding services – to large institutional clients – in the financial sector, which include but is not limited to; OTC trading though FX instruments along with key automation execution features.


Perhaps what makes Noor Capital an industry leader is its diversity which is reflected in both their shareholders and management team. It boasts administration professionals and investors from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and, of course, UAE.


The company aims to secure the business future of its clients and collaborators while remaining the leading brokerage firm in the Middle East. Through fostering lasting relationships founded on mutual respect, trust, loyalty and transparency, it contributes to the success of its clients.


Our Role at Four Metals Market


Four Metals Markets is an approved introducing broker of Noor Capital PSC. This means that 4MM serves as a perfect conduit for those who wish to get into big-time online investments in precious metals.


Through 4MM, clients can register for Demo Trading Accounts or Live Trading Accounts. The demo accounts are best suited for beginners to familiarise themselves with the platform’s features as well as train them on how to use the platform efficiently. It shows market rates in real time; meaning you can perform trades in virtual commodities and earn virtual profits. Learning is a continuous process; so once you get confident enough, you can register for the Live Trading Account and become an ardent Trader.


Introducing the online trading platform MetaTrader 4 - an electronic bilateral trading platform for precious metals by Noor Capital - to trade on gold, silver, platinum and palladium with ease.


Introducing the online trading platform MetaTrader 4 - an electronic bilateral trading platform for precious metals by Noor Capital - to trade on gold, silver, platinum and palladium with ease.


Noor Capital Trading Platform MT4 is characterised by:


Online Trading: bilateral trading directly with Noor Capital as counter-party.


Claim on Financial Assets: secured claims on Noor Capital’s financial assets.



Simple 6 Steps to start trading on gold, silver and platinum:

Register Online for New Profile at Noor Capital website

Request online for a profile by visiting following URL website and filling in your details.

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Once you have submitted your details, you may proceed to upload the required documents (Identity Document and Proof of Address).

Instructions to Fund Trading Account at Noor Capital

Once you have submitted complete set of documents online, you can open either a DEMO Account or LIVE Account. Accordingly, you can proceed using Noor Capital cabin to get Bank’s details for funding your Trading Account.

Trade on Precious Metals using NC MT4 Trading Platform

Once your funds have been received, you can immediately begin trading.

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